Worthing Hospital

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The Hospital

Worthing Hospital was extensively rebuilt around 10 years ago, with a paediatric wing being added following a local charity collection.

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The Doctors Mess

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The Town

Worthing (West Sussex) is a seaside town on the South Coast of England, directly south of London (50 miles) and 10 miles west of Brighton. Population circa 110 000.

To the north Worthing is bordered by the rolling green hills of the South Downs, a chalk range that traverse the south coast from near Winchester all the way to Eastbourne.

Worthing Hospital is located 1 mile north-west of the town centre. Local amenities include a moderate range of shops in the town centre and a close 'out of town' retail park on the A27 at Lyons farm. A gym and swimming pool (Aquarena) is close to the hospital, with a larger community sports centre available in nearby Durrington (3 miles west).

There is a small cinema ('The Dome': oldest running cinema in England) on the seafront, otherwise you need to travel to Brighton or Chichester. Pubs and restaurants are found clustered around the town centre.

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