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Stoke Mandeville Hospital is based between the town of Aylesbury and the village of Stoke Mandeville from which it takes its name.

The hospital currently has one general paediatric ward and a level 2 NICU. Also on site is the National Spinal Centre, which we have little to do with from paediatrics. There are 5 consultant paediatricians, 1 associate specialist, 6 on the SpR rota (1 from community for oncalls and 1 ST3) and 7 SHOs (1 F2, 2 ST1s and 4 GP trainees).

Both units are currently quite aged and we are waiting on completion of a new paediatric unit.

We are also waiting on Wycombe hospital, which will be moving its paediatrics onto the Stoke Mandeville site.

Study leave comes out currently as 15 days and £550 per annum.

There is an active teaching schedule, with an hour allocated each day.

Banding currently is 2B for SHO and SpRs.

Food is expensive.

The old accomodation is somewhat rough, but cheap and livable. The new Doctors' accommodation at Aston House is very nice.

Aylesbury isn't very nice, but London is only a 50min train ride away and we're only 20mins drive from the M25 and 1hr drive from Oxford.


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