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Paeds.co.uk Video Library

External Video Resources

Paediatric Cardiac Catheterisation

  • Paediatric cardiac catheterisation (youtube) - View here

Paediatric capsule endoscopy

  • Paediatric capsule endoscopy (youtube) - View here


Archives of Diseases in Childhood Podcasts

  • ADC Podcast 5 – December 2010 - General Paediatrics: Meeting the Challenges? Download Here
  • ADC Podcast 4 – December 2010 - General Paediatrics: What are the Challenges? Download Here
  • ADC Podcast 3 – January 2010 - When to Suspect Child Maltreatment Download Here
  • ADC Podcast 2 – August 2008 - Confidential Enquiry into Maternal and Child Health. Download Here
  • ADC Podcast 1 – May 2008 - US and UK Asthma Guidelines Download Here

Radio 4 - Medical Case Notes Podcast

Dr Mark Porter gives listeners the low-down on what the medical profession does and doesn't know. Each week an expert in the studio tackles a particular topic and there are reports from around the UK on the health of the nation - and the NHS.

  • Case Notes Homepage here or subscribe here.
  • Listen to the latest show here.
  • Podcast on pain, including neonatal pain assessment and current research here.

University of Arizona, USA

Paediatric Grand Rounds and Conferences library (audio and video): here

Akron Children's Hospital, Ohio, USA

Audio-Visual Library here.

  • Paediatric Grand round library (audio and video): here

Instant Anatomy Podcasts


Previous 6 editions are available for download:

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