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  • is currently a members only website aimed at UK medical professionals. Content submitted may be viewed by all members. Final control is retained by
  • Where necessary, access to viewing, creating or editing pages or articles can be restricted, for example when member conduct is deemed to be unacceptable.
  • Please note once logged in, all entries and edits are attributed to your username. Professional conduct is expected.
  • retains the right to change the access pattern at any time.
  • Removing text from does not permanently delete it. In normal articles, anyone can look at a previous version and see what was there. If an article is "deleted", an administrator can see what was deleted.
  • will not sell or share private information, such as email addresses, with third parties, unless you agree to release this information, or it is required by law to release the information.
  • makes no guarantee against unauthorized access to any information you provide. This information may be available to anyone with access to the servers.
  • If you contribute to the projects, you are publishing every word you post publicly. If you write something, assume that it will be retained forever. This includes articles, user pages and talk pages.
  • Simply visiting the web site does not expose your identity publicly. When you edit any page in the wiki, you are publishing a document. This is a public act, and you are identified publicly with that edit as its author.

Identification of an author

When you publish a page in the wiki and are logged in, you will be identified by your user name.

If you have not logged in, you will be identified by your network IP address. Depending on your connection, this number may be traceable only to a large Internet service provider, or specifically to your school, place of business, or home. It may be possible that the origin of this IP address could be used in conjunction with any interests you express implicitly or explicitly by editing articles to identify you even by private individuals.

It may be either difficult or easy for a motivated individual to connect your network IP address with your real-life identity.

When using a pseudonym, your IP address will not be available to the public except in cases of abuse, including vandalism of a wiki page by you or by another user with the same IP address. In all cases, your IP address will be stored on the wiki servers and can be seen by Wikimedia's server administrators and by users who have been granted "CheckUser" access. Your IP address, and its connection to any usernames that share it may be released under certain circumstances.

If you use a company mail server from home or telecommute and use a DSL or cable Internet connection, it is likely to be very easy for your employer to identify your IP address and find all of your IP based project contributions. Using a user name is a better way of preserving your privacy in this situation. However, remember to log out or disconnect yourself after each session to avoid allowing others to use your identity.

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