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  • is a web-based 'wikipaedia' focused towards UK Paediatric knowledge. All members are able to view, read, edit and create pages, making it a revolutionary and powerful paediatric resource.
  • has been created by paediatric trainees, for paediatric trainees. By sharing we gain an enormous and economical online resource. Learn by writing topics or recording your revision notes in minutes. Search and browse articles by others, or edit and improve them! The community pages allow support and advice on preparing for the examinations.
  • Be involved from the beginning. Join to create and access the largest repository of knowledge targetted to MRCPCH preparation.
  • This site will become the encyclopaedia of UK paediatricians. Created and edited by us, for us.
  • Please write and edit responsibly for the benefit of everyone.

What is

  • is a wikipedia of knowledge focused towards UK Paediatricians and associated healthcare professionals.
  • has only one topic: Clinical Paediatrics and knowledge. At startup, the website was empty. Over time, topics and articles are added by users, and then edited, updated and enlarged for evermore.
  • A powerful online resource, is not limited by size. Traditional ‘articles’ are the mainstay, but also included are podcasts, clinical formulae, mnemonics, lists and a new guide to what working at each hospital is like. An image library is launching in the autumn and will be invaluable for revision and teaching sessions alike. Video tutorials are planned for the future.
  • English is the main and reference language on the whole site.


You must be registered and logged-in to be able to create and edit pages. Registering is quick and easy via the link at the top-right of every page.

  • Membership is free of charge.
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Who Runs

  • has been set up and is run by a few motivated Paediatric Trainees in the United Kingdom. Our aim is to develop a quality resource for all paediatricians, including trainees and associated healthcare staff.

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