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Mayday University Hospital is a busy large district general hospital located in north Croydon, close to Thornton Heath.


Paediatric department

The paediatric department is extremely friendly and generally well staffed. Mayday A+E is joint second busiest in London, making the paediatric department busy and giving junior paediatricians excellent training. During the day there is an A+E team of paediatricians. At night, the paediatric ward and A+E are covered by one team (neonates separate). All children under 1 year of age in A+E are seen directly by the paediatric team.

Staffing levels:

  • Daytime:
    • Ward: 1 F1, 1 SHO, 1 SpR
    • A+E: 1 SHO, 1 SpR (paediatrics) plus paediatric A+E team
  • Night:
    • A+E + Paediatric ward: 1 SHO, 1 SpR

Neonatal Department

Mayday Hospital has a friendly level 2 neonatal unit which is staffed separately from the general paediatric team (including at night). Most trainees rotate through both the paediatric and neonatal teams.

Staffing levels:

  • Daytime:
    • SCBU: 1 F1, 1 SHO, 1 SpR
    • Labour / Post-natal ward: 1 SHO, (1 SpR)
  • Night:
    • SCBU + Labour/post-natal ward: 1 SHO, 1 SpR


Typically band 1a / 2b (50%).

The rota is arranged in a 6 week rotation, typically going from heavy periods of work (many consecutive 13 hour shifts) to light periods including 7 days of leave per 6 weeks and one long weekend of 5 days off per 6 weeks.

Typical rota format (neonatal shifts in brackets):

  • Week 1: weekdays 8.30 - 4.30pm in A+E (labour + post-natal ward)
  • Week 2: 3 night shifts (preceeded by 5 day long weekend off)
  • Week 3: long days on ward (SCBU) 8.30am - 9pm
  • Week 4: Clinic week with evening A+E cover (8.30am - 4.30pm or 2pm - 8pm)
  • Week 5: 4 night shifts followed by 3 weekend long days on ward (SCBU)
  • Week 6: Annual Leave from monday - sunday (ie 7 consecutive days not 9)

Study Leave

Study leave for courses is allowed during certain weeks in the rota (eg. clinic week).

No leave is permitted for private study, for example to prepare for exams; only the exam day itself is permitted as leave.

  • Budget ~ £800

Departmental Teaching

There is a 30 minute teaching session each weekday morning at 8.30pm (excluding mondays), followed by handover at 9am. Friday morning is usually given for Community Paediatric teaching.


Croydon has very good transport links, particularly to East Croydon Station (1.5 miles from Mayday Hospital).

  • Buses: multiple London Bus lines serve Mayday Hospital
  • Trains (direct buses from all stations)
    • Thornton Heath station ~ 1 mile
    • West Croydon Station ~ 1 mile
    • East Croydon Station ~ 1 mile. Well served by fast services to London and the South Coast.

Driving: typical south london roads. A23 nearby. Traffic busy at peak periods, otherwise reasonable.

  • Parking: limited within the hospital. Parking permit price is currently reasonable, including a daily voucher rate.
  • Street parking is available 5 minutes walk north (streets around the hospital are permit only and well patrolled).

Town Centre

A large town centre with two large indoor shopping malls. Pretty much every shop you can imagine is found in Croydon. Late shopping on wed/thurs/friday evenings.

  • 1 mile from hospital


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