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Where appropriate, images submitted to the site should be accompanied by a signed consent form.

Non-identifiable images do not necessarily need consent forms: extracts from the GMC guidance have been included below to help you decide.

Specific GMC Guidance

The following are extracts from the GMC's guidance on confidentiality. The link to the full guidance can be found at the bottom of this page.

  • Q8 Can I use identifiable records for teaching?
    • Anonymised records will usually be sufficient for medical teaching and education. If for any reason you cannot anonymise records, you must not disclose non-anonymised data for education without the patient’s implied or express consent.

For this reason, you must obtain express consent from patients before publishing personal information about them as individuals in media to which the public has access, for example in journals or text books, whether or not you believe the patient can be identified. Express consent must therefore be sought to the publication of, for example, case-histories about, or photographs of, patients.

You must do your best to ensure that no patient is identifiable from such material.

If you are satisfied that the publication would not cause distress, and that you have no reason to think that the patient would have objected, you may use the case study or photo in published material. You should of course do your best to ensure that the patient is not identifiable from the material you publish.

General GMC Guidance

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