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  • Provide information for others on the hospitals you have worked at. Some information, such as rotas, will quickly go out of date and may not be worth writing about.
  • Interesting information may include which consultants work there, any special interests eg. Specialist clinics, proceedures or ongoing research, etc.
  • Please add only constructive information to these pages. The aim is to be informative.

To add your hospital if it is not already listed here, create a page where the title is the hospital name, eg. St Thomas Hospital London, and get writing! (How to create a new page).

  • Check the list below carefully first: most hospitals could be named in a variety of ways. Use the search box on the left to be sure.
  • Include the name of the town in the title somewhere, eg. William Paget Hospital Great Yarmouth
  • For your hospital's page to be included in the alphabetical list below, write the following at the very bottom of page, below your own writing: [[Category:Hospitals]] .Don't worry though, the Site Editor will add this in later if you are uncertain how to do this.

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