APGAR score

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A simple 0-10 score used to assess the condition of a newborn baby

  • usually recorded at 1, 5 and 10 minutes post-delivery.
  • Designed in 1952 by Dr Apgar


  • A: Appearance (colour)
  • P: Pulse
  • G: Grimace (response to stimulation)
  • A: Activity (tone)
  • R: Respiration

Table 1. APGAR scoring system

Clinical Sign 0 1 2
Heart Rate Absent <100 >100
Respiration Absent Weak cry. Irregular or gasping. Strong cry. Adequate breathing
Colour Cyanosed Cyanosed extremities Pink
Tone Limp Some flexion Active, extremities flexed
Response to stimulation No response Grimace Cry


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