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It's changeover time! Many of the articles on will be helpful to new trainees trying to get to grips with life on the paediatric ward and neonatal unit. We've highlighted a few below that you may wish to direct your new colleagues to read.

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Latest Articles

1: Tuberous Sclerosis

2: Biliary Atresia

3: Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Do you have new trainees starting?

Direct them to these articles to help with getting started:
1: 'Baby-check' routine neonatal examination and APGAR scoring
2: Developmental Milestones
3: Neonatal / Prolonged Jaundice
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5: Formulae

Leaving or just left your hospital?

Submit a brief review of the hospital you have just finished working in

Recommend to your new colleagues

Journals, Podcasts and Video

1: Archives of Diseases in Childhood easy-access summary: August 2008.

2: Podcast and video library

Were you too busy last month?

Catch up on last months new articles:
1: Beckwith Wiedemann's Syndrome
2: Kawasaki's Disease
3: Oxygenation Index calculator
4: Spinal Muscular Atrophy
5: Down's Syndrome

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