The Online Journal of Clinical Audits, Vol 6, No 4 (2014)

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Services For Younger People with Dementia - A Care Pathway Audit

Ayesha Bangash, Ejaz Nazir


Aims – To ascertain whether care pathway standards are being met for patients referred to the Younger People with Dementia Service, Shrewsbury and to improve the service where necessary.


Methods – An audit tool was devised by the Dr E Nazir, the Consultant leading the service.  Referrals to the service between August 2012 and March 2013 had their progress along the care pathway audited retrospectively using the tool.  


Results – 47 patients were seen for an initial assessment.  72.3% of the patients were seen within 6 weeks of receiving the referral. 85.7% of them achieved the standard of undergoing a brain scan within 8 weeks of the request being made. Within 8 weeks of patients undergoing brain scans the results were available to the team in 75% of the cases. 21.4% achieved the service standard of being followed up within 4 weeks of the scan results being available.


Conclusions – In order to improve the service, there is a need to increase the number of clinics from 3 to 4 per month in order to reduce patient waiting times. Communication with the Radiology service should be improved in order to ascertain the causes of delays in receiving scan results. Causes of delays could also be ascertained by undertaking a prospective audit of the pathway. Booking the follow-up appointments within 8-12 weeks of requesting the scans will be considered. Re-auditing of the care pathway will take place over a similar time period.

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